About Our Bankruptcy and Foreclosure Attorney in West Palm Beach, FL

Michael A. Kaufman, P.A.If you are looking for a bankruptcy or foreclosure attorney in West Palm Beach, FL, then look no further. The Law Office of Michael A. Kaufman, P.A., can help you with the appropriate bankruptcy proceedings and provide sound legal advice for your specific financial situation. Mr. Kaufman also serves clients throughout Palm Beach, Broward, and Miami-Dade counties, and has helped many struggling individuals and businesses regain control of their finances and their lives. Give him a call today and find out how he can assist you during this time.

In the current economic crisis, it is no surprise that many American households and businesses are struggling under the weight of debt. If you are overwhelmed with mortgage payments, credit card debt, unpaid bills, or experiencing the threat of foreclosure on your home, you are not alone. Many hard-working people are feeling pressure from creditors and debt collectors as a result of unemployment, divorce or separation, accident, sickness, or other unexpected hardship. Whatever the reason may be for your financial crisis, Mr. Kaufman can assess your situation and discuss your legal options with you. Call now to set up a consultation.

Mr. Kaufman is a licensed attorney whose experience extends throughout many aspects of bankruptcy law. He has handled both personal and corporate cases involving Chapter 7 liquidation, chapter 11 corporate reorganizations, discharge of debts, automatic stays, consolidation of debts, and organizing assets and payment plans. He has also handled negligent claims, real estate claims, and contractual matters.

Mr. Kaufman is a member of the Florida, New York, and District of Columbia bars and began his practice in April 2002. He is also a member of the American Bankruptcy Institute and the New York City Bar Association. Mr. Kaufman is thoroughly qualified to advise you through your financial crisis and help you get back on your feet.