Reviews of Our Bankruptcy Attorney in West Palm Beach, FL

“I came in to his office with some legal questions. Mr Kaufman was very patient, understanding and he made me feel at ease with my situation.”

- Orlando P.

“I give Mr. Kaufman a 5 star rating because I am very impressed with his over all handling of my case which was very efficient. He is very confident and informative, always let me know what to expect next, I never felt like I was left out in the dark. In fact, as soon as I talked to him I knew he was going to take care of everything and that was a load off my mind. His easy going manner made it easy to ask questions and I might add, he knew the answers to everything I asked. Thank you Mr. Kaufman for taking care of my case in such a way that you made it look easy, which I never would have believed when I began.”

- Edward J.

“I give Mr. Kaufman a 5 star rating because not only is he professional and specialize in everything, he is considerate, helpful, reassuring and compassionate. Thanks for being the best at what you do.”

- Henrietta C.

“Excellent service during a very difficult time for us. Highly recommend.”

- Arletta K.

“Approachable at any given time, understanding, compassionate, reassuring, and makes difficult humiliating situation feel a little better.”

- Danny D.