man looking at bills in distress

Signs You Should Call a Bankruptcy Attorney

Sometimes, life events or the pressures of financial hardship may lead a person to have to declare bankruptcy. The process is complex and in order to make sure you are filing for the right category of bankruptcy, it may be best to retain a bankruptcy attorney to help guide you through the steps. Some signs that you may need to consult with a bankruptcy attorney in West Palm Beach, FL may include:

  • Being Unable to Pay Your Monthly Bills
  • Relentless Calls From Creditors and Debt Collectors
  • If You Are Unsure of How to Address Accumulating Debt
  • Bounced Checks
  • No Cash Flow
  • If You Need Representation in Court

Filing Personal Bankruptcy

If you are filing personal bankruptcy, you may wish to obtain a Chapter 7 bankruptcy attorney if you cannot repay your debt over time. Often, a fresh financial start is given in return for some of your personal assets. If you are trying to repay your debt, but you just need more time, a Chapter 13 bankruptcy attorney can help restructure your debts and possibly negotiate a payment plan with your creditors.

Commercial Bankruptcy

If your business is struggling financially, you may wish to hire a Chapter 11 bankruptcy attorney. Your lawyer can help secure the time you need to reorganize your business and your debts to be paid later. But, if you feel that you will have to close your business, you may need a Chapter 7 bankruptcy attorney, who will help you hand over your business to the creditor in return for cleared debt.