Believe everything you read in these reviews! Michael and his staff are amazing. Professional, honest, courteous, and affordable. Michael handled everything start to finish without issue. Look no further if you need bankruptcy help/ advice. Michael is truly a professional in his field. Thanks team!,

Bill Murawski

Michael Kaufman was a pleasure to deal with, from day one!
He explained the Bankruptcy process in detail, up front. It all carried out exactly the way it was explained to us. There were no surprises with the fees or the time frame. He and his back office made it easy to understand, and comply with.
I would definitely recommend him to anyone that needs a Lawyer that they can trust, and who keeps to his word!
Thank you, Michael Kaufman!

Mike Darakis

Mr Kaufman and his staff were attentive, patient, and effective. Highly recommend their team!

kevin Netzer

Michael is an excellent lawyer. He guided me through a bankruptcy with no problems. He's responsive, reliable and professional. I'd use Michael for legal matters in the future. I was highly impressed with his service and would strongly recommend him to anyone needing his legal expertise.

Mike Fruchter

Mr. Kaufman was very helpful in a stressful situation, he was very gracious and caring. He took extra time with me to make certain that I understood each step along the way. I am so grateful to have found such a wonderful attorney. I highly recommend Michael Kaufman! Thank you so much Michael!

Linda King

Very professional and smart, Mr. Kaufman helped me avoid losing money to my trustee because I made a large payment to an insider after ignoring his advice and he still helped me fix it, the trustee even complimented him for "being a smart lawyer" and after hearing 20 other people's cases on the day of my 341 hearing I realized I definitely had the best lawyer around. I hope I never have to file bankruptcy again but if I did there's no doubt in my mind I'd rehire Michael Kaufman. I also want to add he was very affordable.

Daniel LeNeve

Michael is an excellent attorney, I highly recommend his services. He is honest about his fees and he is very understanding. Michael is very professional and efficient, we could not have found a better attorney to handle our situation. If you are considering hiring an attorney, look no further, Michael is the absolute best!

Pamela King

I give Mr. Kaufman a 5 star rating because I am very impressed with his over all handling of my case which was very efficient. He is very confident and informative, always let me know what to expect next, I never felt like I was left out in the dark. In fact, as soon as I talked to him I knew he was going to take care of everything and that was a load off my mind. His easy going manner made it easy to ask questions and I might add, he knew the answers to everything I asked. Thank you Mr. Kaufman for taking care of my case in such a way that you made it look easy, which I never would have believed when I began.

Edward James

With Michael's assistance our legal matters were settled favorably. He was knowledgeable and
always answered any questions or concerns we had. And, he worked proficiently to ensure things were settled in a timely manner. I would highly recommend his services.

Christi Mitchell

I was stressing over a Credit Card lawsuit, and I called Michael Kaufman, P.A. I explained the situation and he took control and got me a favorable outcome.
His staff was helpful and very professional. Mr. Kaufman was very understanding and really helped me during a difficult time.
I highly recommend Michael A. Kaufman, P.A.

Dorys Martinez

Michael is a phenomenal attorney! He genuinely cares about his clients & goes the extra mile to represent you. He is very responsible for his billing. If I need an attorney again I would use Michael's services again.

Denny Adams

Michael Kaufman work ethics were exceptional and prioritize my case In a timely manner. Would definitely refer him again and again.

Melissa Gabourel